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Appstar is a specialist app design and development business serving you in Brisbane.

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We don't outsource and love meeting with clients in person - Even if we have to fly. That gives you control and peace of mind.

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Principal John Nayler and his team of specialist developers are vastly experienced in their field. We know what works and get on with the job.

What's your app idea?

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Our methods assist the development of your app or idea for a fraction of the price others might quote. That's a relief to your budget and and powers your ROI.

What's your app idea?

Case: Massive Growth Managed

Conveyancing Works became a Brisbane household name by 2005, but in the early 2000's it was merely a startup about to experience hyper-growth offering fixed priced conveyancing to a booming property market.

Our app building skills evolved systems at pace to manage data and business process supporting rapid growth and weighty compliance.

Commitment, personal attention and fast turnaround developed client data systems, document management, complex settlement calculations and ultimately an integrated trust accounting system pivotal to profitability, growth and success.

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Happy Clients


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Years of innovation, service and outcomes

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Results on point, on budget, averaging 11 weeks.

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Who we have worked with

We have worked with hundreds of businesses large and small, most you won't recognise, but here are some that you might know.

Case: End to End Business Apps and Digital Marketing

The Cumberland Charter Yachts is one of the original and longest standing relationships we have had the pleasure to engage.

Starting with a marketing leading web site way back in 1999, the original project paid for itself in the first month.

The following 16 years of close client service has positioned Cumberland as a clear leader in its market space WORLD WIDE. No other charter company can boast comprehensive backend business apps booking charters, maintaining client data and marketing to them, vessel asset management and bespoked maintenance system which - All of which fully integrate to their web site. The web site includes the most complete online guide to the near islands, vessel information comparisons, trip planner, charter centre, and quoting engine. Our services also provided Cumberland with high quality video, photography, graphic design and integrated marketing support.

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Specialists in their discipline

Our Rapid Development System (RDS)

Our core platform and technique is the key.

Rapid Development

We move at pace with our RDS. This produces results in a fraction of the time taken. Fewer staff, fewer internal meetings gets the job done. Its more than Agile, its fast and results driven.

Local Team

All of our team is located and work in Australia. Communication is in English. We meet you as often as needs - in person!

Results before your eyes

Watch your app come to live with constant updates for viewing. Keep your finger on the pulse and the steer the project.

Send us some details and we will be in touch within 2 business hours.

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John Nayler, Principal
0407 15 13 11

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4 Fisher Street, East Brisbane,
Queensland 4169

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Blog: Apps - The second cycle of the two stroke nature of software

distributed app development

Fond memories of high school are different to most people in that I was one of the first computer nerds back in the day. Living in a disadvantaged area, rewarded my school with a room full of the first computers. Lines of Basic code had myself and the other nerds enthralled every lunch hour with the most basic games, calculations and even one of the first viruses concocted.

The first upstroke - Central "server" computing Since then my career ventured mostly by accident into the early multi-user Unix computer systems. A central computer supplied early, but powerful account systems and word processing to any number of "dumb" terminals. The wonderful nature of these systems, was the central storage of information, central back up, one single server to update with new software. The only apparent down side was that the "dumb" computer terminals screens came in two colours Amber and Green. Not both colours, but one OR the other :-)

Explosion and the Windows power stroke distributes power and "Solitaire" Watching the rise of the Microsoft from the loosing sideline was a little depressing, but despite the protests and the odd egg thrown, people and businesses where demanding a computer on every desktop, taking space, distributing information - productivity took a down turn due to the regular "blue screens" of MS Windows and the Solitaire game. Information was lost regularly when a desktop computer failed and no back up were made. Never mind security - The desktop wave had virtually none - compared to the server based forbearers. If you were a PC tech - business was never better solving drama after drama.

The 2nd cycle and as the Internet returns software to "Top Dead Centre" See the Internet for the first time was like witnessing the second coming, one line at a time a photo served from the University of Hawaii painted on a large X screen at QUT. The future had arrived and instantly the power was apparent. Application (App) developers like me installed turned to early web languages like Perl and Cold Fusion. I forked toward Microsoft's relatively stable "Active Server Pages". For anyone technical or thoughtful enough could easily see the return of the power and benefits of central "server" computing. Internet servers stored information centrally, complete back ups could be done and supported by the service provider. Security was as tight as you made it. Apps for business, commerce and pleasure could be extended effortlessly from the central server computer to anywhere within reach of the Internet. Life could not be better and in a way it was a win for the "server computing" fans sidelined for about 10 years.

These days all the really powerful business systems supplying global computing are web based apps like Xero, your Internet Banking to customer management systems like SalesForce.

Stroke two and the explosive take up of Smart Phones leads to distributed "app" power. Since the late Steve Jobs stood on stage and revealed the first iphone with its ability to house "apps" the applause has been ongoing, particularly since we can download Solitaire and have it in our pocket now anywhere. There is no question about the power and desire of Apps. The power and reliability of the Ios and Android is actually pretty good (exit Windows phone). Apps have their down sides too. Sometimes loose your phone means loose your data, though cloud back up should have you covered. With now 2 billion odd smart phones in circulation, we love our iPhone, or like our Android, but slave to constant updates and lost for connection and data when they take some down time.

The now obsession with online connection has given rise to a new generation of ideas, business motives, app concepts and a screaming for function to make our lives even more integrated. The solution lies in the power of the "app" whether delivered by phone app or web app - just as long as we get the answer instantly.

Written by John Nayler
Wednesday 20 Jun 2018

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